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It’s true that romance just doesn’t come, it’s made and it requires work. Early in the relationship there are lots of flowers, chocolates, roses and cards, candle light dinners and romantic dates, but as the years go by, the relationship matures into something fast-paced due to a lot of accumulated duties and responsibilities. Flowers rarely come, very few sweet nothings and dates. Your woman starts to complain, “You’ve changed! You’re no longer romantic.” She has this need for romance because she’s born that way.

But here’s the good news for you gentlemen, you don’t have to go back to your same old ways of being romantic early in the relationship, though it’s not bad if you keep them, because there are practical ways to channel your love to her without spending much money.

The first seven tips in this list are derived from Gregory J,P Godek’s book, 1001 Ways to Be Romantic, which he wrote as a guide for both men and women in learning how to be more romantic and discovering that some little things that you do, if only enhanced a bit, are already gestures of romance.

Here are the ten ways for men to be romantic.

#1 Call her from work for no other reason than to tell her “I love you.” Make it a habit.

Before we got married, my husband used to text me every morning on weekdays when he gets to work just to say “hi” and “I love you.” Since we live six or five hours apart, depending on which time zone, I expect to receive his text message early in the afternoon. When he gets home from work, he calls me and that’s before I go to sleep. But after the wedding, and still we’re in a long distance relationship, he started calling from his work just to check me out and to say those three sweet words. I admit, I do find it romantic.

#2 Compliment her. Repeat after 4 to 6 hours.

Good compliment will feed her heart especially her self-esteem.

#3 Look – no, gaze – into her eyes more often.

Are women very eye-oriented? Definitely! When I talk to my husband I need him to look at me, it shows me that he really listens and that he values what I have to say. But when he does gaze at me for no specific reason, with that look of love and admiration, I melt.

#4 Say “I love you” at least three times today.

Some people advice not to over say “I love you” because it loses its meaning. But in fact, the problem for most people is not trying to say enough ‘I love you.”

#5 Brush her hair for her. Be gentle.

My husband has combed my hair only a few times and that’s when I find combing the ends of my long hair difficult. When he does it, I feel much loved.

Turning hair brushing into a nightly ritual can provide a great time to relax at the end of the day, spend time alone and talk.

#6 On Monday, place a single flower on the kitchen table, on Tuesday, place a different flower on her pillow, on Wednesday, place another flower on the sink, on Thursday, maybe you can place it on the stairs or anywhere she can see it quick, on Friday …. Okay, you gotta be creative!

The flower doesn’t have to be expensive; it can be something you pick from the garden.

#7 Bring home her favorite: ice cream, chocolate, magazine, book, flower, video or music.

There’s this expatriate Filipino woman who’s married to an American. Her husband came home late one night with a present for her, a canned fish from the Philippines. He had to commute a long way just to get to a Filipino store where the sardines was available, the wife proudly blogged about her man’s romantic gesture.

#8 When you see that she’s tired, put the kids to bed.

Maybe it’s your wife who always do bed time stories for the kids, but when she’s tired or if she had a long day, take the initiative to do the job.

#9 Treat your wife by doing a house chore that you rarely do.

Some men never do laundry, clean the toilet or throw the garbage. Pick a house chore that you don’t or very rarely do, make sure you can manage so she need not repeat it. Do it.

#10 Spend at least 30 minutes to cuddle.

A day can go crazy and when it ends everyone is tired. Make time to cuddle and hug to help you relax and connect with each other.

You can be romantic by doing little things. In fact, it’s these little things that matter more.

If you need more ideas for romance, you can check this article “How to Become Romantic”.

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