July 2012


3 Important Lessons to Learn from Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise´s Failed Marriage

The bombshell divorce of Katie Holmes stunned millions and many were amazed with how she masterfully maneuvered it. While revengeful spirits have something to celebrate …

healthy mind equals healthy relationship

Why Promoting Mental Health is a Must for Marriage

Marriage can be very stressful for a number of reasons, i.e children, finances, job, not to mention dealing with your partner’s differences, and it’s up to you whether you will allow yourself to be burnt out or you will do something about it.

Long Distance Relationship

Surviving the Distance: How to Nourish Long Distance Relationship

Today we have a treat, a guest post from our good friend Kristy of Amritsar Restaurant and Business Review. Nothing is harder on a relationship than being far apart.

Is wedding style important for successful marriage

Does A Wedding Style Ensure A Successful Marriage

I was married in a Civil registrar–far from my ideal wedding–with the thought that I would get a proper one in the Philippines. But after a couple of years I didn’t feel like doing it again anymore.


Filipina-Iranian Intercultural Marriage: What It Takes to Survive a Muslim-Christian Interfaith Marriage

The Offbeat Couple Mae and Omid are both dentists who are currently living in Tehran, Iran.


Site News: Introducing Jem, the New Co-Author of Offbeat Marriage

It´s a little over a year now since I published Offbeat Marriage and I´m happy to say that the blog is heading towards my original vision, to create a community where couples share their story, experiences and learning …


Four Years On: What My Marriage Has Taught Me So Far

My husband and I have just celebrated our 4th anniversary on Saturday, 7/7, over a telephone-ordered pizza and a shop-bought chocolate pudding. (I have to emphasize that given the fact that I’m a cooking blogger.)