August 2012

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Behind Every Poor Husband Is An Irrational Wife, Or Is It?

About a month ago a newspaper article caught my reflective attention and probably some of you have seen or even read it on that day. The title says, “Men were right all along, our hormones Do make us women irrational.”


4 Simple Reasons to Celebrate Being Married

I spent my whole day today writing and scheduling articles for my fashion blog so it won´t look deserted in the next five days that I´ll be away from my desk and my computer.

together forever in joys and in sorrows

In Joys and In Sorrows…

I never thought such a tiny embryo, not bigger than my thumb, could cause so much sorrow for me and my husband. It made me ask why teenagers who are not ready to become parents get babies and some abort them while some couples who are in a much better position to raise a child […]


How My Husband Helped Me Beat Depression and Isolation

Yesterday I quietly celebrated the anniversary of my arrival in Germany. It seems like just yesterday, but to think that I´ve survived my first year and first winter here, and that within one year I learned to speak the language and passed the necessary tests for my permanent visa …