5 Foods that you love but lower your libido

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Foods that you love but lower your libido

I always thought that the food that lowers your libido the most is papaya. I used to preach my year 11 students – especially those whom I knew indulged in premarital sex – to eat lots of papaya because it makes people stop feeling horny. They believed it.

Completely false!

It occurred to me today to google about the foods that by medical research, are proven to lower the libido. It surprised me to find that papaya isn’t in the list at all. Instead, the foods that you thought are safe because of their health benefits are the ones that can actually lower your libido.

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If you don’t have very high sex drive and lowering your libido isn’t a need, then avoid eating too much of these foods:

  • Tomato


Surprising! We always love tomato sauce. We always put tomato in our veggie salad. It’s not only delicious; it also gives wonderful healthy benefits.

However, according to the book “Eat This, Not That!” written by David Zinczenko and Matt Goulding, tomato has lycopene and phytofluene content that can decrease testosterone levels. If your testosterone level is low, then your ability to feel hot and saucy is down.

  • Coconuts

coconutWho does not love coconuts? I’m Asian so it’s obviously one of my favorite foods. Coconut is an important ingredient for several of Filipino, Thai and Caribean dish.

Eating at most one glass of coconut is fine. But eating more than that is dangerous to your libido.

  • Corn Flakes

Kellogg's Simply Cinnamon Corn Flakes 2I had no idea that corn flakeswere actually made out of ingredients that lower sexual desire. I bet some of you opt for corn flakes when the idea of break fast in bed arises. That’s fine. However, you better incorporate it with something that are as delicious and nutritious but does not affect your libido.

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  • Energy drink

Energy DrinksYou know that anything’s high in sugar and caffeine leaves you with sky-rocketing level of energy. Lots of people can’t work well without regular doze of caffeine. However, health researchers found that foods high in sugar and caffeine can lower your testosterone level. Therefore, the next time your hubby asks you to get him a cup of coffee, tell him why it isn’t good for him.

  • Mint

Busy individuals are depending on mint to give them fresh breath out of hectic schedules. However, while it benefits the digestive system and has antiseptic, tonic and stimulating properties, it also has negative effects on your libido. Brushing your teeth after eating is still best for your libido.

Do you know anymore foods that can lower your libido? Share it here.

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