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I’m Glee, a globe trotter Filipina who lived for 6 years in Bangkok, Thailand, teaching highschool Mathematics and debate to Indian and Thai students. I have two years teaching experience in the Philippines prior to working abroad.

I thought I was cool enough to land a junior Maths instructor position in the University level right after graduation at age 20, but I realized I´m even cooler than that when I found the courage to bade good-bye to teaching after eight years of feeling safe in this profession in order to pursue what I love the most – writing.

Venturing independently and forging an online marketing career wouldn´t have been possible if not for my German-citizen husband who provided me cushion as I transitioned career.

I’m a Seventh Day Adventist. My husband is Catholic. We met accidentally through a then-active social networking site called Friendster sometime in December 2009. We dated (long distance) for two years before we tied the knot. You can read the rest of our cute story here.

Our (somehow) intercultural and (hundred percent) interfaith marriage inspired the launch of Offbeat Marriage blog.

I now spend my days juggling writing for ALL my blogs. And until a little one comes along, I´ll be sitting in front of my computer hitting the keyboard most of my days. I love working from home!

I hope you enjoy the contents of this blog. Make sure to sign up for my email newsletter in order to receive my blog posts via email.