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offbeat marriage

Hi! I´m glad you stumbled on my blog. It’s a pleasure to meet you. Welcome to offbeatmarriage.com!

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Here at Offbeat Marriage WE share stories of love, weddings, and marriages. We look closer into the happiness that marriage brings as well as the entire package that comes along with it.

Yes, it´s a WE because the contents of this blog are not solely my personal story or thoughts, instead, you’ll find here stories and experiences of couples – real people – who are married and have learned enough to share.

Offbeat Marriage aims to:

  • Serve as a resource for couples seeking inspiration, support and advice on matters of marriage.
  • Give tips on how to bring balance, happiness and fulfillment to your marriage.
  • Discuss the many unknown issues of intercultural and interfaith marriage.
  • Discover and re-discover effective tips on how to make your marriage work.
  • Inspire and warn those who are yet to enter the bliss of marriage.

Why Offbeat Marriage?

Good question! We´re a Marriage & Relationship blog and we aim to deliver effective relationship and marriage tips but we also want to explore the issues and challenges of extra challenging unions which we call OFFBEAT MARRIAGE.

These include: 1) interracial and intercultural marriage, and 2) interfaith marriage.

They say “marriage is a gamble”. Once you sign up for it, you open yourself to a 50-50 result. You either lose or win. However, nowadays more and more people are losing in this game. Is the probability of marriage success declining more for loss? or win?

We dream for a world with no divorce and broken marriages. We long for a world with children growing up in healthy and happy homes.

We´re dreamers, yes, but we´re also realists. We know that we can’t change the world, but we know too that we have the option to work for and commit for the success of our own marriage with God´s help.  As we do so, why not encourage others to hop on board? This blog will be a witness, and so are you.

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