About Jem

Frank n Jem

I’m a newly-married girl (because of my size, I always think of myself as a girl) and I already have a lot to talk about.  Not that I love to gossip but the writer in me always provokes words and thoughts to come together whenever I look between a husband-and-wife relationship.  Probably, it’s the influence of some books that I have read.

Well, I haven’t read a thousand books about marriage but being a selective reader, I think I know a lot about marriage–in theory.  But in practice, I must admit I have yet a lot to learn.

Like Glee, I also came from the Philippines in a beautiful island of Palawan. Before settling in Europe, I was pursuing a Masters in Education Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages but when I realized I was moving to England, I didn’t push through because I determined I’m not going to teach here.  Well, that is I’m not going to teach English kids their language. They are going to teach me English.

I am married to an Italian stallion from an equally beautiful island of Sicily. My husband is so not Romeo but he’s as much as one in his own unique way. Without my prodding, he wouldn’t tell me the words “Ti Amo” which I so much love to hear. But when he does tell me voluntarily, which happens once in a bluemoon, my whole being is exhilarated.

My coming to the UK and my offbeat marriage was a realization of a childhood dream shaped by romance novels and movies –because they made me believe that European men are romantic. Whereas if a Filipino man acted romantically, I’d think he’s being corny or that he was just trying hard to replicate what he’d seen in a Tagalog movie. Oh, well, “such a gullible girl,” you might say. But have a look at what my four years of marriage has made me so far. Then tell me whether I was duped or not.

When I’m not blogging, I find myself in the kitchen exploring the gourmet world sans dairy products. My healthy adventure in the kitchen is paying off.  Thanks to my sister-in-law who influenced me to read labels on food and what they mean. Apart from this I also find pleasure in crocheting, playing piano, reading non-fiction books, and sometimes playing games online.