There’s just so much you can share about the gift of your extra-challenging relationship. Don’t keep them to yourself or preserve them simply for your pals. The whole world deserves to know! Stories can inspire, orient and warn others, a noble contribution you can make to this planet where we live.

Don’t even think your story is uninteresting or a mundane just another marriage or relationship. Each life is unique and every experience is worth a listener (but since we’re online then make it thousands!). This is my story, what’s yours?

Offbeat Marriage is new and in some ways I’m still figuring out if I should expand it to include all the offbeat marriages that I’ve in mind. But right now there are topics that I’m pretty sure what this blog is about.

Intercultural Marriage.You must be surprised but every marriage is in some ways intercultural.
  • Are you and your spouse hail from different countries?
  • Are you of different races or ethnicity?
  • Are you simply of different culture from the same country?
  • Are you from a large family and your spouse is an only child?
  • Are you an Italian who’s born and raised in America and your spouse an Italian who grew up in Italy? (You can change the countries)
  • Are you from a wealthy family and your spouse from poverty?
  • Do you and your spouse have different family backgrounds, varying cultural heritages, differing ways of communicating and differing world views and values?

Interfaith Marriage.Not because you’ve a same-faith marriage means it can’t be interfaith.
  • Do you and your spouse have different religious background, e.g Jew-Christian, Christian-Buddhist, Christian-Atheist, etc.?
  • Are you and your spouse both Christians from different denominations, e.g. Catholic-Protestant, Baptist-Methodist, etc.?
  • Are you and your spouse both Catholic but you believe in Great Design and him in Evolution theory?
  • Are you and your spouse having same-faith marriage but you feel that her belief is influenced more by culture than the Bible or Koran?
  • Do you want a wedding ring but your spouse thinks that it isn’t necessary probably due to religious belief or simply by preference?

Intercultural/Interracial Dating
  • Are you dating someone of different race, ethnicity, culture and background?
  • Do you turn to interracial online dating sites to look for a potential partner?
  • Is your relationship met with lots of oppositions from your family and friends?
  • Are you uncertain if interracial and intercultural marriage is for you?

Other Offbeat Stories that I haven’t built pages yet but I’ll be doing in the future include:
  • Big age gap (Significant age difference between partners/spouses. I especially love when the wife is older than the husband.)
  • Marriage with Disability (one or both of you have physical disability)
  • Childless Marriage (How do you achieve happiness in marriage even with the absence of children? Do you consider adapting a child? What about surrogacy?)
  • Sexless Marriage (Some couples just survive even with the absence of this very important element, SEX. I’m very interested to know how a couple can achieve contentment in such a union.)
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