sex drive in marriage

5 Foods that you love but lower your libido

It occurred to me today to google about the foods that by medical research, are proven to lower the libido. It surprised me to find that papaya isn’t in the list at all. Instead, the foods that you thought are safe because of their health benefits are the ones that can actually lower your libido.

Mike and Adia's Buddhist-Catholic Interracial Marriage

6 Things you must know about Thai-German Interracial Marriage

Who wouldn’t love to be in an interracial and interfaith marriage if that means exciting and never boring marriage? Think about the possibility of having really cute babies bearing features of different ethnicity.

Interfaith Christian-Muslim Marriage

Threat to Wife, Muslim-Christian Marriage

Sally learned in her Muslim-Christian Interfaith/Interracial Marriage that love is powerful enough to beat any cultural and religious differences. It proved to beat even her biggest threat. Love and respect were able to unite her family.

laughter is good for marriage

Why laughter is good for marriage

There are many health benefits of laughter. It’s a powerful remedy to stress, pain, and conflict. It boosts your immune system, lowers stress hormones, relaxes your muscles and prevents heart disease.

Newly weds Glee and Glenn brave interfaith and interracial differences

Gleenn’s Interfaith and Intercultural Marriage, oh! And long distance too!

Newly weds are supposed to spend a few weeks for honeymoon, sink in a steamy after-wedding hang over and deal with lots of new changes in routines and schedules.

A heart for blogging

I thought I’d make it on Valentine’s Day, but I’m a day late

Finally, Offbeat Marriage is here! I was procrastinating for a long time, always wanting to start publishing valuable contents, but it’s this little apprehension that occurs for the sole purpose of defeating my belief for this project that delays me from firing the bullets. But yay! I’m actually firing it!