relationship problems

Signs That Your Marriage is in Trouble

Everyone wants to be successful in marriage. However, every married couple has a 50-50 chance of succeeding. You have to pick up the signs early and see if your union is heading to disaster so both of you will still have enough time to fix it.


How to Cure a Sexless Marriage

A sexless marriage can happen to anyone whether you´re an elderly couple, young and at the prime of life with small active kids, and believe this, it can also happen even to people who are new in marriage.


A Closer Look On How to Be Successful In Marriage

When a couple recently celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary, they were asked what was their secret to such a long, happy union.


The Rewards, Challenges of Your Spouse Returning to School

You never expect to find your future husband or wife in the summer after you graduate high school. What you do expect is to head off to college, and spend the next four years studying


I Married a German Citizen, I´m Depressed with All the Things I Have to Lose

I would like to look up for your advices. I married a German citizen, just passed my A1. Now going for applying my family reunion visa (hopefully by next week).


6 Things That Hinder Effective Communication in Marriage

Effective communication is an important element of a successful marriage. If husband and wife value the significance of open communication, both should strive to listen when the other speaks and learn to speak what bothers them in a contructive manner.


Polish-German Intercultural Marriage – The Problems and Benefits are The Same as Other Couples

Some intercultural marriages are as normal as any other non-intercultural marriages.