how to be romantic

Better than Flowers

What does being romantic mean? We have just celebrated Valentines Day a few ago and what did you get from your “Valentino or Valentina”? I used to think it was a man’s duty to give flowers to the lady Valentines day or any occasion.


The Laws of Love — Book Review

Chris Prentiss’s The Laws of Love (Malibu, California: Power Press, 2012), discusses 14 laws couples can follow to make their relationship work. Each law comes with simple actions to be taken on how to apply them.

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Behind Every Poor Husband Is An Irrational Wife, Or Is It?

About a month ago a newspaper article caught my reflective attention and probably some of you have seen or even read it on that day. The title says, “Men were right all along, our hormones Do make us women irrational.”

together forever in joys and in sorrows

In Joys and In Sorrows…

I never thought such a tiny embryo, not bigger than my thumb, could cause so much sorrow for me and my husband. It made me ask why teenagers who are not ready to become parents get babies and some abort them while some couples who are in a much better position to raise a child […]

healthy mind equals healthy relationship

Why Promoting Mental Health is a Must for Marriage

Marriage can be very stressful for a number of reasons, i.e children, finances, job, not to mention dealing with your partner’s differences, and it’s up to you whether you will allow yourself to be burnt out or you will do something about it.

Is wedding style important for successful marriage

Does A Wedding Style Ensure A Successful Marriage

I was married in a Civil registrar–far from my ideal wedding–with the thought that I would get a proper one in the Philippines. But after a couple of years I didn’t feel like doing it again anymore.


Four Years On: What My Marriage Has Taught Me So Far

My husband and I have just celebrated our 4th anniversary on Saturday, 7/7, over a telephone-ordered pizza and a shop-bought chocolate pudding. (I have to emphasize that given the fact that I’m a cooking blogger.)