Better than Flowers

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Better than flowers

What does being romantic mean?

We have just celebrated Valentines Day a few ago and what did you get from your “Valentino or Valentina”?

I used to think it was a man’s duty to give flowers to the lady Valentines day or any occasion. But ever since I married my husband, I have given up on expecting flowers from him in any occasion especially if he had to buy them. At first, I used to treat it with righteous indignation like a child who throws tantrum when he doesn’t get his way. No, I was kidding. But I seriously felt sad and somewhat uncared for, that I didn’t matter and other silly feelings about it.  So, on my birthday, I reckoned that if I wanted to get flowers I should verbalize it. Because some men just don’t have the initiative or idea how to please their ladies. But if you tell them what you want, you will find out they are more than willing to do what you ask them. Sort of like, “if you don’t ask, you don’t get” principle.

So verbalize it I did, and do you know what he said? “There are flowers in the garden, go and pick them.” I was gobsmacked!

I scoffed at his seemingly inconsiderate treatment and retreated in silence. I wanted to cry for having such an unromantic husband. Overreaction and proaction approaches were battling in my front lobe. At first, the former gained control being practiced more often. But the latter was persistent and finally won the dispute.

New understanding of romantic

Over the days and weeks and months that passed, I realized my husband is actually as much as romantic in his own unique way as Romeo was to Juliet. All my ideals, he defied and now I am basking in his romantic antics.

Here are a few ways he expresses his affection to me.

He wouldn’t buy me flowers but…

  • he would buy me a plane ticket.
  • he always buys me my favorite fruits especially the exotic ones. In fact, he does the shopping most of the time. He would let me stay at home and go online while he goes shopping by himself.
  • he would buy me a hyacinth plant and even look after it himself.
  • he would plant raspberries and let me eat the fruits of his labor.
  • he notices when I left my key at home and tells me where to find it.
  • he would see the sandwich I made for myself and bring it to me to take to my next job.
  • he would make food when I stay overtime at work, and do the dishes as well.

So last Valentine, do you know what my husband gave me?

He made me a Love Chart, where he says, “The percentage is wrong because I love you more than 100%. It really melt my heart.

The Percentage is wrong because I love You more than 100%.
A box of strawberries because he is health conscious and he thinks chocolates are bad for me.

Strawberry Heart

Payment for my plane ticket.

plane ticket
Do I still want flowers? Nah! These are MUCH better than flowers!

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