Major cable network show looks for families to cast on a documentary show – bridging the gap between in-laws

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Cousins Rule

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Issues between in-laws are common; however, if these issues are caused by different cultural backgrounds, they can result to unhealthy family relationships. In-laws and extended families are one of the challenges of an interracial and intercultural marriage.

A major cable network show is producing a documentary show about “families that are having some sort of issues with their in-laws because of having a different cultural background. This documentary style show will try and help bridge the gap between in-laws.”

The casting producer, Joe Pinzone, is looking for couples, in-laws and families to cast on the show. Since it’s a documentary style, the crew will be following you and your in-laws around. You know, just like any documentary show is done.

If you’re interested, give me a note through my contact form and I’ll send you Joe’s contact information – email and phone number. Can’t wait to see you on the show!

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Sonia Peeples

Hello, again! My name is Sonia Peeples. I am really interested in doing this documentary. As you know my family would be perfect for this piece. I am just afraid that my mother in law would not cooperate and do the show. She has not spoken to my husband, since November simply because he is married to me, a black woman and he is white. We were feautred in your Black and White married in Mississippi article and made front page of The New York Times. I really would like to have peace and closure for my husband ‘s and children’s sake. Please give my contact information to A & E. I would also like to have thiers.

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