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sexless marriageA sexless marriage can happen to anyone whether you´re an elderly couple, young and at the prime of life with small active kids, and believe this, it can also happen even to people who are new in marriage. There are many reasons why a marriage lacks intimacy and there are also different ways to cure it, but one thing remains the same, sexless marriage is a killer. Although it´s not the main problem, it´s a symptom of deeper marriage problems. If left unresolved, it can lead to divorce.

Love making is a gift of marriage that God intended to be enjoyed by two married people not solely for pro-creation purposes but as a means to deeply express love towards each other. Sex isn´t only a great exercise for married couple, when hormones are released which make you happy and relaxed, it also provides a deep connection and bond in the relationship.

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But why do intimacy is absent in some marriages? Here are some things to consider if you have a sexless marriage.

What´s the Culprit of Your Sexless Marriage?

It´s important to identify the reason of this marital problem. In most cases, the marriage becomes sexless because one partner is not into it while the other craves for it.

A wife does not feel connected to her husband if she has emotional issues. If she´s hurt, doesn´t feel loved, cared for and respected, or if there´s anything that makes her unhappy towards her man, she won´t be interested to have sex with him. So if you´re a man and you want to have a fulfilling intimacy in the evening, start the preparation in the morning. Make your wife feel valued and loved because if she´s happy, she´s more likely to be responsive in bed.

If it´s your man who´s not interested in sex, identify the reason. Is he feeling stressed out and pressured at work? An emotionally down man, especially if he´s undergoing so much stress at a time, will have a low drive.

Do you respect him enough as the head of the family? If you always nag, ridicule, and insult him, if you´re putting down his masculinity, he´s less likely to be intimate with you.

Is it pornography that´s the culprit? Does your husband watch a lot of porn? Remember, pornography comes hand in hand with imagination and masturbation. If this is the case, then your husband is being satisfied this way and is no longer in need of intimacy. Sadly, pornography is pointed out as the main culprit in many sexless marriages. It´s addiction and is a big problem. There´s no way a wife can compete with these bombacious porn women in the videos especially if her husband is so hooked. Besides, the wife doesn´t have to compete with them in the first place.

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If you know that it´s pornography that´s the reason of your lack of intimacy in marriage, carefully talk to your husband about it. Explain to him the dangers that his addiction is bringing to your marriage. Seek help from people whom you can trust, maybe your pastor or your husband´s bestfriend. This trusted person should be able to make him understand the dangers of pornography.

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Health Problems Could Be The Reason

Make a note, did your partner start to show lack of interest in sex after a recent medication? Perhaps it´s the side effect of his medicines. Make sure to consult the doctor if this is the case. Does it hurt your wife whenever you make contact and thus, making her uninterested with sex? Some women with undiagnosed ovarian cyst or tumor display this symptoms.

Maybe your husband simply has a low testosterone level or your wife has low libido. People with this kind of issues will display interest in sex early in marriage and yet his/her interest will quickly decline.

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Find the Way Back to a Healthy Sex Life

Although I´m not an expert when it comes to resolving a sexless marriage, I found the material Sexless Marriage Cure by Christine Tylor to be a very effective help. Many couples who were plagued with this marital problem were able to salvaged their marriage by applying the tips and solutions discussed in this eBook.

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Those couples who succeeded in going back to the road of healthy sexed marriage hold the effectivity of this material. There´s no harm in trying. Don´t wait too long until this problem will totally cripple your marriage, find the fix now.

Do you have any idea on how to cure a sexless marriage?

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