Intercultural Marriage


American-Indian Intercultural Marriage – Older Wife, Younger Husband, and a Love That Overcomes

The Offbeat Couple: I´m Jennifer and my husband is Mayank Lakhlani. I work at a hospital as an EVS Tech. I have 2 children from a previous 16 year marriage (ages 11 & 15). My husband is currently unemployed, about to arrive in the U.S. for his permanent residency. Mayank and I do not have […]


Lessons from My (Failed) Cross-Cultural Marriage

In talking to people about my new memoir, Good Chinese Wife: A Love Affair with China Gone Wrong (Sourcebooks, 2014), I’m often asked if my story is a cautionary tale. My answer is that it is and it isn’t. On the one hand, I don’t want to make general statements. Not all cross-cultural marriages will […]


Ghanaian-Chinese Intercultural Marriage – Challenges Are Easier Solved if You Find the Right Person

Mills Yamoah and Rebecca Cui have been married for eight months and they´re currently living in Nanjing. Both are English tutors and they own a teaching agency, Yingwuyingyu. Their marriage isn´t only mixed culture, it is also interfaith.


Canadian – Indian Intercultural Marriage: True Love Knows No Color

True love knows no color, and it was not even a factor in my choice to marry him. My soul mate found me – and he just so happened to be Indian! The bliss and challenges of an intercultural marriage.


Texan-Japanese Intercultural Marriage – Finding Your Best Friend Beyond Race

Our todays featured intercultural couple are a member of AMWF (Asian Men White Female) community. Ryosuke and Grace Mineta reside in Toride, Ibaraki, Japan. They´ve been married for three months. Grace shares how it´s like to live as a Texan in Tokyo at her blog.


Spanish-Chinese Intercultural Marriage – a doorway to a new world

We have never seen culture or race as a barrier and therefore there was no need of balancing factors. We love each other and have many values in common. To us values matter. Family, respect, support, honesty.

chinese man and american woman marriage

Chinese-American Intercultural Marriage: Not A Lot of White Women Marry Asian Men

There´s enough stereotype for tall women who date shorter men, but there´s even more received ideas on white women who marry Asian men.