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romance in marriage

2 Ways to Effectively Enhance Romance in Your Marriage

Let me put it blunt. You don’t need flowers, romantic songs, chocolates, cards or anything that’s in the shape of heart to enhance romance in your marriage. You only need two simple things that don’t even cost a penny but are most effective in bringing love to your marriage.

Men need to fix-it

Why your man solves your problem when all you want him to do is listen

Have you ever heard yourself complaining that your man doesn’t listen? Are there times when you feel like he listens only for a few beats and then before you come halfway to what you actually want to tell him he’s already there.

sex drive in marriage

5 Foods that you love but lower your libido

It occurred to me today to google about the foods that by medical research, are proven to lower the libido. It surprised me to find that papaya isn’t in the list at all. Instead, the foods that you thought are safe because of their health benefits are the ones that can actually lower your libido.

laughter is good for marriage

Why laughter is good for marriage

There are many health benefits of laughter. It’s a powerful remedy to stress, pain, and conflict. It boosts your immune system, lowers stress hormones, relaxes your muscles and prevents heart disease.