How to Motivate and Empower Your Spouse

Tips on how to motivate and empower your spouse for a better relationship. Learn how to encourage your spouse to meet your needs.

money matters in marriage

Money Matters in Marriage – How Should Wives Support Their Husband in The Financial Department

Wise money management in marriage is important. How can a wife properly support her husband?

resolving marital issues

Would You Post About Your Marital Issues on Facebook?

Reasons why you shouldn´t post about your marital issues on Facebook. The serious effects on marriage if you humiliate your spouse in public.

saving marriage after affair

How to Save a Marriage After an Affair

You can´t possibly fathom the pain and damage an affair can bring to marriage unless you experience it firsthand. Never in your wildest dream did you expect the person whom you value above anything will cheat on you.

relationship problems

Signs That Your Marriage is in Trouble

Everyone wants to be successful in marriage. However, every married couple has a 50-50 chance of succeeding. You have to pick up the signs early and see if your union is heading to disaster so both of you will still have enough time to fix it.


A Closer Look On How to Be Successful In Marriage

When a couple recently celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary, they were asked what was their secret to such a long, happy union.


Surviving Religious Differences in Marriage

While hubby and I were assessing our life together for 16 years, we realized how much we have grown together in our marriage despite our opposing religious views when we tied the knot.