Is marrying an uncircumcised man against your culture?

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When your boyfriend kneels down and pops up that question “Will you marry me?” Do you ask him first “Are you cut?” before you say “Yes!” or do you think it’s to see is to believe?

In countries where circumcision is widely practiced due to religious reasons, hygiene purposes or rite of passage, marrying an uncircumcised man is unacceptable if not embarrassing. Women in these countries are oriented that unless a male is circumcised, he’s not man enough and he’s not even clean.

In the Philippines for example, boys are circumcised at around 12-13 and it becomes a symbol that they’re now moving from boyhood into adulthood. A boy who doesn’t get circumcised before he enters late teens becomes a subject of teasing and mockery. He’s got to hide that fact in order to protect his self-esteem.

The United States, South Korea, Israel, the Philippines and other Muslim countries are known for practicing circumcision.

Why is circumcision important?

Circumcision is said to be good because it removes the foreskin of the penis where residue particles from urine and other elements snuggle together. It protects the male from any possible diseases.

Some studies suggest that circumcision protects the person from HIV infection, reduces risk of urinary track infection, prevents penile cancer and maintains penile hygiene; however there’s no quite strong evidence that supports all these.

When I was taking Psychology 1 during my first year in the university, the professor discussed about the benefits of circumcision. One particular classmate asked if it’s true that a man who’s not circumcised is not capable of fathering kids. The professor explained that it’s false. The only negative thing about being uncut is having residue and dirt at the foot of the skin which will be transferred inside his partner’s cervix upon contact that would potentially cause her cervical infection.

The professor then asked for the student’s name. Feeling flattered because he thought the professor acknowledged his question as smart, he proudly uttered his name. “Don’t worry Mr. so-and-so, you’re definitely going to father some kids.” The class roared loud.

Why is uncut probably a better choice?

For the man, leaving his foreskin uncut is good for him in terms of sexual satisfaction. Since the foreskin is made of thousands of nerve endings, it makes it a highly sensitive zone. That means that he can easily achieve orgasm. He’s unlikely to demand more oral or anal sex. He’s easier to satisfy.

The woman on the other hand would feel better with an uncut penis over the cut one because of the absence of keratin. Keratinization is caused by the tip of the penis always rubbing against the fabric of his underwear. The smooth skin rubbing against her walls during contact is more satisfying for her than a calloused hard peel.

One woman bravely testified by comparing her sexual experience between a cut and an uncut lover. Both men were equally good in bed but  she enjoyed more the uncut because the implement rubs better against her walls. It surprised her a great deal since her orientation was negative towards the uncut. She concluded that indeed, you can’t judge a candy unless you’ve tasted it.

The only draw back of an uncut penis is when the foreskin is too long and the opening isn’t wide enough to thoroughly clean the inside of it before contact. It exposes the woman to possible cervical risks.

What does cultural view on circumcision imply for interracial marriage?

If you’re dating someone from a country that does not widely practice circumcision, then you probably are dating an uncut. Are you willing to change your cultural view towards this matter, or not? Are you willing to compromise social acceptance over the possibility of a more satisfying sex life? Are you willing to compromise your health?

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Jemina S | Eezy Blogging

This is a very interesting and debatable topic. In the Philippines, we stigmatize uncircumcised people. But really, most of us don’t even know the history of circumcision and why do it. The first mention or occurrence in the Bible is found in Genesis 17, known as “The Covenant of Circumcision” between God and Abraham. Prior to this, we do not know if Adam and his descendants were circumcised or not. My Bible professor explained it to us that the Covenant of Circumcision, if put in a layman’s term, means that “this penis is only for a Hebrew woman”.

Although, there is the issue of hygiene, circumcision in the New Testament gives more emphasis to the circumcision (cleansing) of the heart which takes its origin in Deuteronomy 30:6. Peter and Paul were constantly arguing about this. Peter wanted the Gentile converts to go through the circumcision rite but Paul insisted that circumcision of the heart is what mattered most.

To this I can say that our (Filipino) cultural orientation has blinded us about the true meaning of circumcision. We look at the appearance but God looks at our heart. We criticise the uncircumcised but look who’s got an uncircumcised heart? Would we rather drink from a cup that’s clean outside but not inside just because we want to show others that the cup is clean?


That’s a very informative background about the history of circumcision, Jemina. I do agree that some people only stigmatize uncircumcised people without understanding it’s full implication.

As I understood, the “covenant of circumcision” between God and the Hebrew ceased after Christ died on the cross. He said that “I will write my covenant in your heart.” Therefore, any religious implications of circumcisions today are actually no longer legitimate. As you pointed it right, circumcision of the heart is more important than circumcision of the penis. 😉


Thank you Glee and Jemina for being thoughtful and understanding that being uncircumcised is ok. I am Filipino but uncircumcised because I came to the US from the Philippines when I was 8 years old. Growing up I had 3 different Filipina gf’s who didnt like that I was “supot”. I thought it was just each of their personal preference but then realized it is a cultural thing. I was actually considering getting circumcised but now I feel better knowing I know 2 Filipina women are okay with a Pinoy being uncircumcised. Unfortunately the vast majority of Pinays want their man to be “tuli”. I guess I will need to date a foreigner here in the states.

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