6 Things you must know about Thai-German Interracial Marriage

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Thai-German Interracial Marriage

Who wouldn’t love to be in an interracial and interfaith marriage if that means exciting and never boring marriage? Think about the possibility of having really cute babies bearing features of different ethnicity. Being in an interfaith marriage never gets very challenging at all as long as you apply what Adia and Mike have found effective in their Buddhist-Catholic Interracial Marriage.

The Offbeat Couple

Chompunoot (Adia) and Michael (Mike) Braun have been married since December 2008. They live in Bavaria, Germany where Mike works as a teacher. If Mike isn’t teaching and Adia isn’t blogging about fashion, they spend most of their free time shooting and editing cutting-edge images. You can see some of their work at their website Glossyart Photography.

What makes your marriage offbeat?

Mike: I’m German and I’m Catholic while my wife is Thai and she’s Buddhist. We have what you call a real Mixed marriage – both interracial and interfaith.

Tell us about the wedding. Did your different religious and cultural background affect how you planned the wedding?

MikeandAdia's wedding in Germany

Adia and Mike's German wedding

Registration wedding in Germany

buddhist wedding

Buddhist wedding in Thailand

We had wedding ceremonies in both countries because we wanted to incorporate both cultures and customs and enable everyone to attend our wedding. The marriage registration was done in Germany in Dec 2008 together with a small party with close friends and German family members.

In Thailand we had a Buddhist ceremony with nine monks and a pool party with all our Thai friends and family in Feb 2009.

What’s your biggest challenge and how do you solve it?

buddhist wedding with friends

Buddhist wedding attended by Thai friends

The biggest challenge is the homesickness. However, in order to solve this problem we try to import stuff from the other country to feel at home. For example, now in Germany we buy a lot of Asian ingredients and cook a lot of Thai food.

Long distance calls to the family and friends at home are also helpful.

Are there any marital issues that arise due to different religious background? How do you address them?

Religion doesn’t create any problem for us. We respect each other’s belief. We pray in our own ways.


Adia and Mike share passion in photography

What are the benefits of an interracial and interfaith marriage?

It never gets boring! Moreover, the kids are going to be extra-cute 😉

What’s your favorite way of spending time together?

Taking and retouching pictures for sure. We also like to watch the Pittsburgh Penguin games on ESPN and various TV series.

What are your secrets in keeping the romance alive?

No matter how busy a day gets, it’s important to find some time to do things together. In our case, before we sleep we always talk about our day and watch TV together, holding hands. We also hug each other a couple of times a day.

What advice would you give to those who are planning for or are new to an interracial/interfaith marriage?

It’s important to be strong, patient and flexible.

Adia and Mike wedding

Mike and Adia’s interracial and interfaith marriage never gets boring.

Adia and Mike in the beach

Happiness and excitement are the real gifts of Offbeat Marriage

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Arti Sahni

Awesome article vid lots of pretty pics…Wish u guys good luck and happiness alwaz…


You’re right, Arti. Rally awesome photos and great tips. :)


Thanks Adia and Mike for letting us get a peek on how you make your marriage exciting. :)

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