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American-Indian Intercultural Marriage – Older Wife, Younger Husband, and a Love That Overcomes

The Offbeat Couple: I´m Jennifer and my husband is Mayank Lakhlani. I work at a hospital as an EVS Tech. I have 2 children from a previous 16 year marriage (ages 11 & 15). My husband is currently unemployed, about to arrive in the U.S. for his permanent residency. Mayank and I do not have […]

american wife - indian husband intercultural marriage

American Wife-Indian Husband Intercultural Marriage – Open Communication Is Key

The Offbeat Couple: Brittany and Joel have been married for 6 years. They are blessed with three boys, Liam, Levi, and Lucas, and a dog (or a dragon) depending on what their children have decided she is today. They currently reside in Illinois. You can read more about their story at, Almost Indian Wife. What […]


Ghanaian-Chinese Intercultural Marriage – Challenges Are Easier Solved if You Find the Right Person

Mills Yamoah and Rebecca Cui have been married for eight months and they´re currently living in Nanjing. Both are English tutors and they own a teaching agency, Yingwuyingyu. Their marriage isn´t only mixed culture, it is also interfaith.


Canadian – Indian Intercultural Marriage: True Love Knows No Color

True love knows no color, and it was not even a factor in my choice to marry him. My soul mate found me – and he just so happened to be Indian! The bliss and challenges of an intercultural marriage.


Texan-Japanese Intercultural Marriage – Finding Your Best Friend Beyond Race

Our todays featured intercultural couple are a member of AMWF (Asian Men White Female) community. Ryosuke and Grace Mineta reside in Toride, Ibaraki, Japan. They´ve been married for three months. Grace shares how it´s like to live as a Texan in Tokyo at her blog.


Spanish-Chinese Intercultural Marriage – a doorway to a new world

We have never seen culture or race as a barrier and therefore there was no need of balancing factors. We love each other and have many values in common. To us values matter. Family, respect, support, honesty.


American-Mexican Intercultural Marriage – Raising a Multicultural Family

Our today´s featured intercultural couple reminds me of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. Like the famous celebrity couple, Antonio and Becky have a growing brood of multicultural kids – their own bicultural daughters and sons from China and Ethiopia.