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Lessons from My (Failed) Cross-Cultural Marriage

In talking to people about my new memoir, Good Chinese Wife: A Love Affair with China Gone Wrong (Sourcebooks, 2014), I’m often asked if my story is a cautionary tale. My answer is that it is and it isn’t. On the one hand, I don’t want to make general statements. Not all cross-cultural marriages will […]


Marriage Q&A: I Hit My Wife and She Left Me, What Should I Do?

Your heart is like a vase; it breaks from lack of care, love, good communication and appreciation, and from violence. Why do mother-in-laws negatively affect their children´s relationship? I met her daughter & we fell in love. Everything was normal as she gave me a baby boy. We live happily as spouse in my house […]

money matters in marriage

Money Matters in Marriage – How Should Wives Support Their Husband in The Financial Department

Wise money management in marriage is important. How can a wife properly support her husband?

resolving marital issues

Would You Post About Your Marital Issues on Facebook?

Reasons why you shouldn´t post about your marital issues on Facebook. The serious effects on marriage if you humiliate your spouse in public.


Why Division of Responsibility in Marriage is Important and How to Do It

Tips on how newlywed couples can properly discuss the division of roles and responsibilities.


How to Cure a Sexless Marriage

A sexless marriage can happen to anyone whether you´re an elderly couple, young and at the prime of life with small active kids, and believe this, it can also happen even to people who are new in marriage.

how to be romantic

Better than Flowers

What does being romantic mean? We have just celebrated Valentines Day a few ago and what did you get from your “Valentino or Valentina”? I used to think it was a man’s duty to give flowers to the lady Valentines day or any occasion.