Interfaith Marriage

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Does interracial marriage kill thriving cultures?

Is marrying outside your race a statement of dishonoring and denying your own culture and identity? Does it mean you aren’t proud enough of what you are to marry someone of your own people?

Filipina-Italian interracial marriage

9 things you should know about a Filipina-Italian interracial marriage – advice on marrying an Italian man

You don’t need to compete with his love for his mom but you must at least equal if not surpass her ability to pamper him with good food.

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Why I chose an interfaith marriage

I acknowledge the fact that being in an interfaith marriage is difficult. For someone like me who believe and live according to religious teachings, living with someone who doesn’t share my convictions and practices is extremely difficult.

Daisy and Lak's Filipino-Thai Interracial Marriage

6 Things you must know about a Thai-Filipino, Buddhist-Catholic Interracial Marriage

If it makes you learn to adapt one’s culture and language in a fun and loving way, why not choose an interracial marriage?

Mike and Adia's Buddhist-Catholic Interracial Marriage

6 Things you must know about Thai-German Interracial Marriage

Who wouldn’t love to be in an interracial and interfaith marriage if that means exciting and never boring marriage? Think about the possibility of having really cute babies bearing features of different ethnicity.

Interfaith Christian-Muslim Marriage

Threat to Wife, Muslim-Christian Marriage

Sally learned in her Muslim-Christian Interfaith/Interracial Marriage that love is powerful enough to beat any cultural and religious differences. It proved to beat even her biggest threat. Love and respect were able to unite her family.

Newly weds Glee and Glenn brave interfaith and interracial differences

Gleenn’s Interfaith and Intercultural Marriage, oh! And long distance too!

Newly weds are supposed to spend a few weeks for honeymoon, sink in a steamy after-wedding hang over and deal with lots of new changes in routines and schedules.