Mixed Marriage

chinese man and american woman marriage

Chinese-American Intercultural Marriage: Not A Lot of White Women Marry Asian Men

There´s enough stereotype for tall women who date shorter men, but there´s even more received ideas on white women who marry Asian men.

wedding requirements for filipino german marriage

What Are the Requirements Needed for a German-Filipino Marriage License

I’m a Filipina and my boyfriend is German. We’ve just decided to be married here in Thailand but we don’t have any idea how to do things


Polish-German Intercultural Marriage – The Problems and Benefits are The Same as Other Couples

Some intercultural marriages are as normal as any other non-intercultural marriages.


Surviving Religious Differences in Marriage

While hubby and I were assessing our life together for 16 years, we realized how much we have grown together in our marriage despite our opposing religious views when we tied the knot.


Filipina-Iranian Intercultural Marriage: What It Takes to Survive a Muslim-Christian Interfaith Marriage

The Offbeat Couple Mae and Omid are both dentists who are currently living in Tehran, Iran.


Iranian-American Interrracial and Intercultural Marriage

The Offbeat Couple Names: Élan and Amir Location: Minnesota, USA How long have you been married? 6 months Website: inloveabroad What makes your marriage offbeat? We are from different countries. Amir is from Iran and I am from the United States.


Ten Tips for Dealing with Family Against Your Intercultural Marriage

While intercultural marriages are more common an acceptable these days, they can still be more difficult than the typical common-culture marriage. For one thing, those marrying someone from another culture have even …