Polish-German Intercultural Marriage – The Problems and Benefits are The Same as Other Couples

Some intercultural marriages are as normal as any other non-intercultural marriages.


6 Practical Yet Productive Ways for Couples to Spend Quality Time Together

We´re only on our second year of marriage but we quickly realized that unless we make an effort to bond, we easily can get drawn in our different interests.


Picking The Right Reception Venue

In a world of custom fitted gowns, brides too often ignore that the party reception area should also be custom suited. Regardless of your design, funds or the amount of guests, you can select a venue that’s efficient and conveys your character.


The Laws of Love — Book Review

Chris Prentiss’s The Laws of Love (Malibu, California: Power Press, 2012), discusses 14 laws couples can follow to make their relationship work. Each law comes with simple actions to be taken on how to apply them.


Surviving Religious Differences in Marriage

While hubby and I were assessing our life together for 16 years, we realized how much we have grown together in our marriage despite our opposing religious views when we tied the knot.


A Guide to Travelling Together As a Couple (For Newbies)

Summer may well be over, my husband has gone back to work after a three-week-vacation and the weather has now changed from warm to chilly. The sun also now sets earlier than eight o´clock.

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Behind Every Poor Husband Is An Irrational Wife, Or Is It?

About a month ago a newspaper article caught my reflective attention and probably some of you have seen or even read it on that day. The title says, “Men were right all along, our hormones Do make us women irrational.”