Filipina-Iranian Intercultural Marriage: What It Takes to Survive a Muslim-Christian Interfaith Marriage

The Offbeat Couple Mae and Omid are both dentists who are currently living in Tehran, Iran.


Site News: Introducing Jem, the New Co-Author of Offbeat Marriage

It´s a little over a year now since I published Offbeat Marriage and I´m happy to say that the blog is heading towards my original vision, to create a community where couples share their story, experiences and learning …


Four Years On: What My Marriage Has Taught Me So Far

My husband and I have just celebrated our 4th anniversary on Saturday, 7/7, over a telephone-ordered pizza and a shop-bought chocolate pudding. (I have to emphasize that given the fact that I’m a cooking blogger.)


How Insecurity Negatively Affect Marriage

I always thought I am confident. Although I´m almost entirely self-made, I enjoyed financial independence since I was twenty. I knew that my teaching career would be jeopardized after marriage and after moving to Germany (the country has a different educational system …

showing love through actions

Nonverbal Ways to Say “I Love You”

I read a status from an fb friend which says, “Love is an action word“. It made me ponder, true enough, we usually say the word “I love you” but we forget that saying the words aren’t enough, it has to be shown in action.

emotional maturity in marriage

How Emotional Maturity Positively Affect Marriage

Recently I became addicted to a true to life story show from a Philippine channel which features stories submitted by viewers. Because I don´t live in the Philippines, I get access to these show through websites.

interfaith dating SDA-Hindu

Interfaith Relationship: I´m Seventh Day Adventist, He´s Hindu, Should I Stay with Him?

Finding the right person within the church is oftentimes difficult for both men and women who come from a church with few members.