choosing the right future spouse

What to Look For in Him or Her – Tips for Choosing Your Future Spouse

“I want to marry only Mr. Right.” was my mantra when I was still single. As if to re-echo my thoughts, I heard my very close (single) male friends say, “I will only marry someone if I know she´s the one”, whenever asked about marriage.

German language school

Why I Needed to Learn the German Language Quick

I´m the one standing at the far left wearing denim shorts and boots with fur. The lady at the center wearing blue shirt and black cardigan is our teacher. Last Friday was the last day of our German language course and we had a party.

documents for italian-filipina marriage

What Documents Are Needed When an Italian Man Wants to Marry a Filipina Woman

One reader asked us to write about the documents needed when an Italian plans to marry a Filipina woman. I knew one person who can outline the tips, Jem who herself is in a Filipina-Italian marriage.


Finding My Way in a New Country and New Marriage

After 11 hrs. of direct flight from Thailand and over 24 hrs of no sleep, we landed safely in Frankfurt airport, 30/07/2011. Time flies, indeed. I hardly realized that it´s already eight months since I arrived here in Germany from Bangkok, Thailand.


Iranian-American Interrracial and Intercultural Marriage

The Offbeat Couple Names: Élan and Amir Location: Minnesota, USA How long have you been married? 6 months Website: inloveabroad What makes your marriage offbeat? We are from different countries. Amir is from Iran and I am from the United States.


Ten Tips for Dealing with Family Against Your Intercultural Marriage

While intercultural marriages are more common an acceptable these days, they can still be more difficult than the typical common-culture marriage. For one thing, those marrying someone from another culture have even …


Filipina-Korean Intercultural Marriage

The Offbeat Couple Names: Byung Kyu and Mariel Location: South Korea Occupation: We both got BS in Accountancy. I’m a CPA and he’s working in Accounting Department of one foreign company.