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When a couple decides to marry, their number one desire is to have a happy and successful marriage. A wonderful wedding that demands painful planning and exhausting of all the resources is reflective of this dream – the fairy tale “and they lived happily ever after!”

However, once the gleams of novelty recede, and the couple is faced with all the challenges, the question of “how do we maintain a happy marriage?” arises. Unfortunately, a lot of couples are unable to find answer. The rise of the number of broken homes and divorces is evidence.

Getting married is quick. Staying married takes a lifetime of careful planning.” ~ Signs of the Times July 2009, p. 17

Married for 36 years to David, Holly Lackey shared their secrets to success. She gave 4 practical suggestions on how to have a happy marriage.

Begin each day with prayer, both individually and together.

“Commit your marriage to God, confessing that you don’t have what it takes to keep it healthy and happy without Him.”

This is an advantage for same-faith marriage. They can agree to wake up together every morning and pray for their marriage. They can even take turns. For mornings when praying together isn’t possible, each spouse must remember to pray for their marriage individually.

Some interfaith couple believes in the same God, so they can still agree to pray together. However, if you are a Christian and your spouse is an Atheist or a Pagan, you must pray for him/her and your marriage, every morning, so that someday, through the guidance of the Holy Spirit, your spouse can join you in prayer.

Ask your spouse to pray for you every day, and specifically ask him or her to pray for any special need that you may have.

Praying for each other, especially for some special needs, is very helpful in marriage. Maybe your wife is suffering from a depression or your husband is experiencing prejudice at work, prayer will help him or her endure. “It’s crucial to be sincere in prayer so that it doesn’t become just a routine.”

Study Together.

“In addition to your personal time for private devotion, study the Bible or another spiritual book together. Begin these times with prayer, inviting God to be your Teacher.”

Spending quality time together as couple is important. Going out for a date or a movie is always recommended by relationship experts to married couples, which are good. However, studying the scriptures together does not bond you only with your spouse, but also with God. That’s a good definition of three-some marriage – you, your spouse and God on quality times.

End each day again with a prayer.

“Do not let the sun go down while you are still angry.” Ephesians 4: 26

Sometimes the day can go crazy and you and your spouse tend to go to bed still mad of each other. But, if you have an agreement to pray together before going to bed, then that makes saying sorry a must, otherwise you can’t pray. “Clear up every problem, large or small, before going to bed. This keeps things from building up and getting bigger than they are or need to be.”

If there were no disagreements during the day, that’s even worthy to give thanks to God through a prayer before going to sleep.

What are your thoughts? Do you apply any of these practical tips that Holly and David found effective in their marriage? What are your secrets in having a happy marriage?

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