Signs That Your Marriage is in Trouble

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signs that your marriage is in trouble

Everyone wants to be successful in marriage. However, every married couple has a 50-50 chance of succeeding. You have to pick up the signs early and see if your union is heading to disaster so both of you will still have enough time to fix it. But how do you know if your marriage is in trouble? What are the signs?

You know that you´re successful in marriage if both of you are happy and you both work for the same goals. There is enough room for growth in the relationship, you enjoy each other´s company, you enjoy intimacy, you communicate very well, there is respect, there is peace in your home, and you have a give and take relationship.

If you find one or two of the things mentioned above missing, it´s a hint there´s a problem in your marriage. Below are specific signs that your marriage is in trouble.

You are frustrated in your marriage

You become frustrated in your relationship if you have feelings of dissatisfaction or lack of fulfilment. Do you have needs that are not met? Do you and your husband try to have changes that will improve your marriage and yet you still fall back into the same pattern? Do you have unresolved tiny issues that are just left hidden under the rugs?

Do you feel that you are not being heard in this relationship? Is your medium of communication already broken? Do you and your spouse work for different goals? Does any of you refuse to do a compromise? Is it only you that has to do the giving all the time?

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If your desires aren´t fulfilled and you feel discouraged, you are going to be frustrated in your marriage.

You always argue about anything

If you and your spouse frequently engage in an argument, often about nothing of importance, and there always seems to have no solution, it´s a clear sign that there´s serious problem in your marriage. Irritability, sensitivity and insecurity can be fruits of the frustrations that you feel.

Love can quickly fly off the window if the couple often feasts on arguments and fights.

You or your spouse think of going out of the marriage

Once dissatisfaction and hurt becomes unbearable, the thought of going out the marriage will surface. The moment you catch yourself thinking of actually going out, it´s a sign that things are already very serious. Is the topic of separation and divorce sometimes brought on the table when you´re arguing? Take notice.

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You feel either unloved or disrespected

Do you feel unloved, not taken cared of and not respected? Love and respect are two essential elements in a successful marriage and unless you have both, it´s hard for the marriage to succeed. If you spouse love you, he/she will take care of you. Most importantly, if your spouse love you, he/she will respect you. You need both love and respect in order to blossom in your relationship. If these two important elements are missing, your marriage is surely in trouble.

Some people feel that something is lacking in their marriage but are unable to determine if there are serious troubles in their marriage, how to pick up the signs and when to start resolving the problems.

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What are your thoughts? What do think are other signs that a marriage is in trouble?

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