4 Simple Reasons to Celebrate Being Married

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I spent my whole day today writing and scheduling articles for my fashion blog so it won´t look deserted in the next five days that I´ll be away from my desk and my computer. I´m really excited to pack up for our trip tomorrow, a dream trip that is coming true and which I can share with my husband. But before I resign to prepare, I thought to share to you the four reasons that I found enough to celebrate being married.

As you know, I´m only married for a year and a half and have been living with my husband under the same roof for only a year (read about our long distance marriage). But even if this first year of our marriage was met with challenges, it´s been full of bliss.

This post is already drafted in my head but as I write, I wanted to just have a peek on my husband´s thoughts. I went to him, sitted at his desk across the room enjoying his summer vacation by playing some computer games, I sat on his lap and asked, “What good things do you find in being married?”. He took me in his arms and gave me a hug, took a moment to think and replied, “to have someone to spend my time with.”

1. Having someone to spend time with

The first reason why people get married other than to pro-create is mainly to not live alone, we call it companionship. You have someone to laugh with little silly things, you´re inspired to prepare the meal and share with him/her, you have company to see the evening news, and for whatever reason it´s just nice to spend time cuddling on the sofa.

I love to travel and have done so mostly alone before marriage. The moment I started travelling with my husband, I realized how much more fun travelling with my love is.

2. Having someone to share goals with

A husband and wife are partners and they have each other to share their goals and acomplishments with. At times when you need someone to inspire and support you, you have your spouse at your disposal (well, ideally). When you fail, there´s someone to wipe your tears, the same person who will push you to continue and reach your dreams. Couples who don´t support each other and compete rarely last. It´s important that both parties agree and work for the same goals.

Sharing both the joy of successes and the burden of trials is a spice in marriage. Just imagine if you have everything great in your union, no challenges and occasional heartbreak, it must be a boring marriage. You´re unable to appreciate the success of your relationship if you have not tasted the bitterness of trials.

3. Having someone to provide warmth

It might sound silly but when it´s winter, I could not go to bed ahead. I and my husband have to go to bed together simply because I could not stand the coldness of the sheets. My husband serves as my heater when the weather is too cold, literally. You see, it´s a very simple reason to celebrate but having a hot-blooded husband makes winter easier to endure.

Warmth is also defined by love, kindness, respect, friendliness and honesty in marriage. If these elements are present in your marriage, your home is like a little heaven on Earth. You love being in it.

4. Having someone to satisfy your sexual needs

The scriptures say that the gift of singleness only effects if you can maintain purity of your thoughts and body. But if you can´t stand the call of flesh, it´s better to be married. Instead of moving from partner to partner to satisfy your sexual needs, having a spouse makes it safer and more fulfilling. Having an active, satisfying sexual life is the secret to marriage success. There are many benefits of making love for both the husband and wife which I would like to discuss in a different post. But one for sure, making love is the greatest gift of marriage.

What other reasons do you have to celebrate being married?

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One of my celebrating avenues of being married is having someone to pray with. This is such like a breath of fresh air. It gives a peace to my soul. Another is shopping I enjoy it so having someone other than myself, children, and grandchildren to do it for is something I celebrate. I also celebrate that I now have someone who can shop for me 🙂 sometimes that can be very enjoyable.

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