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It´s a little over a year now since I published Offbeat Marriage and I´m happy to say that the blog is heading towards my original vision, to create a community where couples share their story, experiences and learning as they navigate in marriage. I also wanted the blog to tackle the sensitive yet important issues that are present in interracial, intercultural and interfaith marriages.

But then one day I woke up to the thought that the blog seems to focus more on intercultural topic and I realized I wanted to include more niches under the topic of “Marriage”. I also wanted the blog to be more active with at least a number of fresh posts every week which, given that I run several other websites (and still launching a new one), is impossible for me to attain.

I know that there is something special about Offbeat Marriage blog and I know that I want more from it. So I brought this into prayer. I reminded God that one night, when I approached Him in prayer asking for His guidance in deciding for a worthwhile topic to write about, this marraige blog was His answer.

Right after I opened my eyes that night, immediately Offbeat Marriage came to me in a vision. And the plan was quickly laid down to me in a snap. I know that this blog is something that He wanted me to write because there are many good things to share about the gift of marriage. So again I was coming to Him for guidance on how to keep and improve the blog. I don´t want to abandon Offbeat Marriage.

To look for a co-author was the answer. But who? It didn´t take long for me to figure whom to approach, Jemina. Jem is also a Filipina. We´re both SDA, and both in an intercultural and interfaith marriage. She´s very supportive of this blog and was in fact one of the first couples to be featured here, see her story, Filipina-Italian Intercultural Marriage.

She also happened to come from the same island, the same town, and exactly the same church where I came from. Although we didn´t meet earlier because I was still young when she adventured outside our province and I was still in college when she went abroad to work in Bangkok, we met through a common friend whom we both call, bestfriend.

When I approached her with this offer, she immediately said “Yes!”. She´s also a blogger but she´s currently blogging about “blogging” and “cooking” and for a while now, she has accumulated a lot of thoughts on marriage that she wants to share but didn´t know where. So OBM is just a perfect place!

Jemina is pretty much still new in marriage, although she and her husband just celebrated their 4th anniversary, but she already has a ton to say about marriage and relationship. If being an English teacher, a good musician, an intelligent woman and a world trotter don´t convince you that she´s got a whole lot of good things to talk about, at least her four years of happily enduring an offbeat marriage should.

We haven´t finalized yet the new niches to include in this blog, we´re yet to brainstorm and discuss via facebook (note that we´re neighbors, she´s in London and I´m in Germany).

It´s our goal to improve OBM and to serve you better. Please stay with us as we work for the betterment of this blog and I hope you´ll welcome Jemina too.


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