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the laws of love book review
Chris Prentiss’s The Laws of Love (Malibu, California: Power Press, 2012), discusses 14 laws couples can follow to make their relationship work. Each law comes with simple actions to be taken on how to apply them.  The book is written in a very easy to read style even teenagers and non-native English speakers can easily grasp–I know coz I ain’t one.

Once living an outlaw kind of life, Prentiss co-founded and co-directs Passages Substance Abuse Treatment Center located in Malibu, California. He has written many a book on self-help topics and The Laws of Love is a by-product of his own failures and successes in the school of life and relationship.

In all the principles of The Laws of Love, which are meticulously arranged, I find myself as a player, and they opened my eyes and let me come out of the darkness I unconsciously shut myself in.  Having just finished a course in Mental Health First Aid, I am very much open to changes and improvement I badly needed.

If Steven Covey talked about paradigm shift as principle number 1, Laws of Love is the application of it in detailed and simplified form.

Talk about emotional intelligence, I think this book is exactly about it.

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The principles presented are profound which Prentiss brilliantly explains in bite-size ideas.  Even if only one party of a couple will get to read it, as in my case, success can be achieved. Relationships must keep the flame burning and not flicker when adversities arise.  The principles are not solely applicable to a man-woman relationship. They can be applied to just any relationship e.g, colleagues, boss, acquaintances, families, and even with the person sitting next to you on the bus.

“Perfect relationships don’t happen accidentally, they are created and the major player is you and your partner.” S0 Chris says and I couldn’t agree more.

Overall, I’m going to rate this book 5/5.

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