4 traits of a good husband – what makes a good husband good?

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What makes a good husband good is relative to the views of a wife; however, based from Christian principles, there are four general guidelines that identify the traits of a good husband.

What makes a good husband good?

I’ve asked this question myself and in search of an answer, being less experienced, I turned to books. Most authors agree about the qualities that make a good husband although they’ve discussed them in different ways, the concepts are the same.

I did however find the guidelines that Harold J. Sala gave in his book “Making Marriage Work” simplified and direct.

If you’re a husband and you wonder if you qualify for the league of “good husbands” see if you can say “yes” to all of these.

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1. Recognize and meet the needs of your wife

Very rare men are able to identify the needs of their wife. Aside from providing her with the basics – house, shelter and food, there are other needs that she must meet in order to make her a happy wife.

A big need that is often overlooked is the need of communication. A woman feels good whenever she can express to their husband the things that trouble or upset her without him interrupting her.

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Do you meet her emotional needs? The satisfaction of her sexual drives? And her need for companionship?

However, men must be able to differentiate between his wife’s needs and wants.

2. Make your wife a partner in your marriage

The husband is responsible for the overall safety and success of the family. He is also responsible for decision making, but that doesn’t mean excluding the wife.

A good marriage is a teamwork of the husband and wife. While the husband is the leader, the wife must be included and heard in making decisions.

3. Be the spiritual leader of the family

God clearly laid down the structure of the family. He placed the responsibility for to the father.

“And these words which I command thee this day shall be in thine heart. And they shall teach them diligently unto thy children …” Deuteronomy 6: 6-7

4. Love your wife

There are many ways you can express love to your wife but the following are some of the MUST in loving your wife.

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  • Tenderness – you can be tender to her in your words, actions and even in making love.
  • Old fashioned common courtesy – a woman is generally pampered and cared of well by her man at the early stage of the relationship and until honeymoon. However, as time pass by, those little courtesies such as opening the car door for her, helping her carry heavy things or helping her around the house diminish. To be discourteous to her is to be innocently rude or to throw simple thoughtless blunders.
  • Concern – be keen on her safety and overall comfort. “Concern for your wife embraces the overall gamut of the emotional, the physical and the sexual.

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What do you think husbands? Are these guidelines reasonable for the qualification of a good husband?

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