Why Travelling Together is Good for Marriage

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Why Travelling Together is Good for Marriage

We just got back from Berlin, hubby and I spent six days exploring the city, sightseeing and trying the best foods and restaurants in town. Travelling together is a bonding activity that we always look forward to each year. In 2012 we went to France. Last year we re-visited Thailand.

Are we rich to be able to afford travelling around? No, we aren´t rich, but we make it our goal to put aside some of our income each month for our travel expenses. And as you can see, we can only afford to travel once in a year.

We don´t have kids yet so it´s still easy for us, but we´re determined to continue travelling as a family even after the kids arrive.

Why is travelling together good for your relationship and marriage? Here are some of the perks of travelling together with the love of your life based on our experience.

1. The Adrenaline Rush While Planning for the Trip

Planning your trip doesn´t only minimize the stressors you´d encounter while on vacation, it also effectively boosts your happiness. In fact, the rush of adrenaline caused by excitement is on its highest while planning for the trip. Some experts advise to write the plan in your calendar and every time you need a boost, just take a look at it. These experts went as far as suggesting that you need not take the trip, you only have to plan it because it´s during the planning period when you experience the highest boost of happiness.

I don´t necessarily agree with this advice though, because if you routinely plan for a trip which never materializes, at the back of your head you know you´re faking it, and thus the adrenaline rush is fleeting.

How does happiness co-relate to marriage? If you plan your travel together, both of you will experience the excitement and this rush of adrenaline makes you happy. When you´re happy your marriage is also happy.

2. You Are Able to Connect Better

When you´re travelling together, it´s between you, your spouse and the world. You do trial and error together, you tackle problem solving together, and you experience and learn new things together. This togetherness improves your connection as a couple. You are able to see your partner through a better lens, you giggle and share laughter.

3. Travelling Paves Way to a Better Communication

While on your trip there are not a lot of distractors, no overtime at work, no piled up laundry waiting to be done, no last-minute cooking, no computer games, and no garden tasks waiting to be completed. Because of the absence of these responsibilities, you and your spouse are able to relax and talk. You´ll spend more time talking while on your trip than when you´re sitting side by side on your couch watching TV. A good open communication is always good for marriage.

4. Travelling Boosts Your Sex Life

Because both you and your spouse are relaxed, the libido is on spike. Every time hubby and I share a shower in a hotel, we always think of our honeymoon. It feels like honeymoon all over again. The boost of sex drive depends on how long is your holiday and how hectic or relaxed is your schedule. We noticed that the longer we spend the holiday in one area and the more relaxed is our schedule, the more time we have for making love as opposed to touring around spending two nights here, one night there, you get the picture.

5. You Build Quality Memories

More than just the beautiful pictures of you and your spouse smiling widely against some beautiful tourist attractions, the best thing about travelling together is collecting and banking great memories in your mind and heart. This is probably the reason why spending your money for a trip together gives more quality happiness than spending your money for gifts. The memories of experience outweigh the memories of tangible things.

According to some relationship experts, the next time you´re planning to buy a birthday gift for your spouse, save the money for your next trip together. But you should discuss and agree on this, it´s important that you and your spouse are on the same page when it comes to valuing what is more important.

How about you? Do you and your spouse love travelling together? How does taking a trip together improve your marriage?

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